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Evaluation tasting tea set

Evaluation tasting tea set for international tea competition

Please refer to attached picture of evaluation tasting tea set, which is the standard tea set using in tea competition to evaluate tea leaves based on its aroma, appearance, grade and color of tea liquor. The material of evaluation tasting tea set is white porcelain and its capacity is 150ml, because white porcelain tea sets can release the original tea taste. The size of teacup is 75 x 95 x 90mm, and the size of tea bowl is 95 x 52mm(Height). Put 3g tea leaves into the teacup, and then add 95 hot water to the teacup. Pour out the tea liquor to the tea bowl after 2 minutes infusion. Smell tea leaves after infusion, and then smell tea liquor, finally drink tea liquor to compare quality of each tea in competition.


Tatung gaiwan

Tatung is the most famous porcelain manufacturer of tea wares and kitchen wares in Taiwan, and its products are not only good looking but also high quality.  Due to hot selling and reasonable prices in market, its gaiwans are often sold out and out of stock.  The gaiwan is 150ml and product no. is P3100CSL (our product no. is GT001).